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not reticent, I'm Renaissance.
quasi-academic. too old for Tumblr.
some people call me Laura. some people call me Lola. other people call me other things.
ambivalent about most things. enthusiastic about food, reception studies, Pretty Little Liars & women musicians of the 1990s & early 2000s.




    “I had a friend who was in a somewhat confusing point in his life, wrestling with ideas of creativity as well as addiction. The voice of the singer imposes upon that person — the object of the song — a kind of hope or an assumption that that person will rise and keep rising. It’s an entreaty or prayer that as that person rises, he or she will have the strength in hindsight to carry the singer up with him or her.”

    —from Will Oldham on Bonnie “Prince” Billy

    Don’t miss the launch party for Will Oldham on Bonnie “Prince” Billy at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe on Monday, September 24th at 7pm. Presented by Vol. 1 Brooklyn, McNally Jackson, and W. W. Norton. All the details are here. Note that Will Oldham is not currently scheduled to attend.

    B and I were just waxing poetic about the lyrics LAST NIGHT. we have been listening to the Johnny Cash cover a lot lately, on this mix made by my/our best unbeaten brother, El Kiablo. “I See a Darkness” is one of the greatest friend/bro love songs of all time, yo. (and also the theme music to my partially-written vampire novel) this video though. wtf.

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      I love will oldham and I love books and I love bookstores and I love housing works I am so there.
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      B and I were just waxing poetic about the lyrics LAST NIGHT. we have been listening to the Johnny Cash cover a lot...
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      But… you never know!
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      Be there! Oldham might not make it, but I hear rumor of the return of former-Tumblr-runner Sam to the McNally Jackson...
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