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not reticent, I'm Renaissance.
quasi-academic. too old for Tumblr.
some people call me Laura. some people call me Lola. other people call me other things.
ambivalent about most things. enthusiastic about food, reception studies, Pretty Little Liars & women musicians of the 1990s & early 2000s.



    The Cocteau Twins and Faye Wong are what I listen to when I wanna zone out

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gazin’Mina Loy and Djuna Barnes, 1927 | Natalie Clifford Barney Papers



    Mina Loy and Djuna Barnes, 1927 | Natalie Clifford Barney Papers

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    well anyway the moral of the story is don’t get yr first ever smartphone on a day when you have to grade 21 essays.

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    here are a few short posts I’ve been kicking around in my mind, collated for your amusement. 

    1. I intentionally waited to read my advisor’s comments on my prospectus draft until I needed something to do while my students did their peer review, partially because I could not, would not, cannot cry in front of a roomful of undergrads. 

    2. one of the most difficult things about teaching, for me, is trying to understand people who are motivated by grades, because I never have been. I’ve been trying to figure out what does motivate me. excellence? maybe. except I don’t ever believe I could do anything really excellent. definitely not competition. when faced with competition I roll over and show my belly like a submissive dog (unless I’m at a pub quiz, in which I talk trash and thrash the competish). I’m inclined to say pleasure, but arguably people who are motivated by grades do find A’s pleasurable. ot everyone finds pleasure in, say, data entry the way I have. pleasure in a job well done? the belief that anything worth doing is worth doing well, but not everything is worth doing? probably the truth is I’m not that motivated. 

    3. I recently had a sex dream about Marilyn Manson. contemporary, 2014, un-made-up Marilyn Manson. I don’t even know anymore, man. 

    in the dream, we met at Half-Price Books, where I saw him holding a copy of his own autobiography, Long Hard Road Out of Hell. I asked if he had annotated his copy of the book and he was like, no, I know it by heart. and I was like, so what you’re saying is that if you were to rewrite it from scratch it would be exactly the same? and then we were making out in a car. 

    4. my other most recent celebrity/fictional character sex dream was about Spencer from PLL. I feel weird writing that since the actress is a real person who I follow on Tumblr. I’m sure actresses get that all the time though. 

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    http://findanewequation.tumblr.com/post/91685275467/so-for-the-last-four-months-or-so-i-have-taken →


    So for the last four months or so, I have taken part in the body positivity movement on Instagram, including posting photos of myself in my bikini and underwear/bra. Keep in mind that none of my photos have ever been sexually explicit or suggestive and that I have always been fully covered. As far…

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    I avoid posting about my actual political beliefs on social media, because I cannot fucking deal with other people’s opinions. but I want to tell you I went to the Texas Stands with Gaza rally & march today and it was really energizing to be surrounded by what organizers estimated to be 3,000 people from all over Texas, showing our city & state that not everyone supports our nation’s investments in Israel. 

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